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Looking to get in touch or want to share your own experience in writing security patterns. See below for best options for reaching out.

Linkedin: ken-fitzpatrick-me

Linkedin is the best way to get in touch and where I’m most active. Feel free to connect, send me a message or comment on any posts.

Twitter: @ToastMrStayPuft

I’m active on Twitter and post notifications for updated material and new content. Feel free to follow me and reach out through this channel.

And in case you’re wondering about the name, the answer is yes, I am an old-school ghostbusters fan (let’s face it, who isn’t).

Medium: @ToastMrStayPuft

I publish articles and posts on Medium, although I’m less likley to respond to any direct messages on this channel. I typically look to update Linkedin or Twitter feeds with any new published content.

Sharing Your Own Experience

If you’ve been using or developing your own Security Patterns, and want to share with the broader community then the best option is to share via Medium or Linkedin, and reference the website.

I’m also happy to include any new Security Patterns within the site (and provide credit to the Author) provided the pattern keeps with the original security pattern template for consistency.

Engaging for Professional Services

Is your organisation looking for assitance in developing security patterns. Reach out to me at for consultancy on buidling and customising your own reusable security designs.

Company Website:

You can also contact me through the company profile on Linkedin.

Linkedin: company/gyfon

Also contact me through this channel if you looking to repackage or sell this material for commercial purposes.